Keri J Hunt

Keri J Hunt is a hair photography consultant with a wealth of experience and skill. She has been a photographer for 30 years and an award winning hairdresser for 27. She combines her vast knowledge of both worlds to create stunning hair shots which have been featured in magazines and press from Vogue and Hair Journal to Hair Now.

Photo shoots are her speciality, which she performs for salons all over the UK. No matter how inexperienced the subject, her coaching and direction methods transform them into confident models, showcasing the salon’s artistic creations and telling their stories through stunning photography.

Keri’s clients are mainly salons who want their work to be noticed. With the right photography, magazines, websites and bloggers will clamour to feature your portfolio of shots, meaning much more valuable exposure for your salon than costly advertising.

She is also hired for event shoots, carefully capturing human interaction through the lens to bring a location to life and truly sell the venue experience.

Keri knows all the inside tricks of hair PR and her photo sessions are a consultancy session in getting the best results and publicity from your photos. As part of the service, she can recommend locations to set off your styles to the best advantage and also supply models, clothes styling and make up artists. From everyday hair to the completely unorthodox, Keri can set the scene from glamour to horror, with everything in between!

Keri never stops creating, learning, experiencing the world and growing in knowledge. She recently fulfilled an ambition to be photographed by iconic fashion photographer Rankin.

“I’ve been playing dress up with my friends for many years and had so much fun!

Now it's your turn, let's play!” - Keri x

Keri is based at Cato in Wolverhampton


21a Darlington Street




01902 425634

07870 470257

[email protected]

Her hours are flexible to suit the client.